The Coalition provides a coordinated effort to educate Congress and the Executive Branch with a united position, raising the visibility of and providing a strong collective voice on child maltreatment as a legislative and policy issue.

 The Coalition works to inform a broader legislative agenda focused on improving policies and programs on behalf of vulnerable children and youth.  The Coalition also holds regular meetings and conducts phone calls to discuss current policy issues and developments, member activities, and Coalition strategy.

Membership is available to national organizations involved in improving the lives of children and families. New membership requires sponsorship by a current member and approval by current members. There are two membership categories for organizations in the Coalition: Members and Allied Partners.  Annual dues are required for all Members and Allied Partners, which are based on the size of an organization's budget.


  • Attend and participate in all Coalition meetings

  • Contribute to discussions and drafting of policy statements and positions on issues

  • May vote (but are not required to) on the approval of Coalition policy statements and Coalition positions on issues

Allied Partners:

  • May attend and participate in all Coalition meetings

  • Educate Coalition members, policymakers, and other stakeholders about child maltreatment

  • May contribute to discussions and drafting of policy statements and positions

  • Do not take formal positions on policy, legislation, and advocacy